Since the beginning of human kind man lives in an environment of harmful

radiation. The oldest record dates from about 15000 b.c from Lascaus Caves

from Sahara where were found first dowser drawings. Since Chinese

civilization until recent time dowser were searching for various underground

radiation and build up their houses and villages where there were no such


Harmful radiation can be natural (underground water, geological cracks,

cosmic radiation, Hartmann and Carry networks etc..) and technical radiation

like electro smog coming from transmitters, transformers, mobile phones,

electrical appliances, TV, computers etc.. Person is most exposed to harmful

radiation at the place where stays the most, like place of work, bedroom..

How to recognize harmful radiation effects:

- Sleeping problems: restless sleep and sudden awakening, insomnia,

extreme tiredness and constant exhaustion

- Anxiety, depression, headaches, migraines

- Pain in the neck, back, arms and legs

- Heart and circulatory problems, blood pressure oscillation, heart

palpitation, leg swelling, and also lack of appetite, indigestion, disrupted

hormonal system functioning

Energy of harmful radiation weakens the human cells bio potential and

disrupt the organs system functioning. Immune system is weakened and

infections and diseases attack organism.

The patented G Chip Technology can neutralize harmful radiation, improve

the flow of energy in the body and help body to recover and established

normal functioning.

Biopyramid represents an exactly 2000 reduced model of ancient Egypt’s

Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops). Size is 11.50x11.50x7.50cm and it is made of

natural clay, with embedded metallic crystal grains, which has the same purpose

as once had the long lost cover of the Great Pyramid. Inside the pyramid there is

hollow ceramic prism, filled with fine quartz grains enclosed with BIO-G chip.

This structure enables the bio pyramid to absorb energies that have negative

impact on human body and psyche and to transform into a positive energy,

which is than emitted into the surrounding space through specially designed tip.

Efficiency is in the radius of 7 m regardless the obstacle thus covering the

surface of 154 square m. It neutralizes geopathogenic, cosmic and

electromagnetic radiation as well as that of underground water courses.

Positive energy field transmitted by biopyramide has refreshing and revitalizing

effect on human body (place open top pyramid under the chair where you seat

and in 1hr the body will be energized which will help to improve health,

concentration, relaxation, improve physical and mental condition. Also can be

used to energize drinking water, improve drugs efficiency and at the same time to

reduce theirs side effects, and also can be used to energize different products

like facial creams, lotions, massage oils etc, (remove the top of pyramid and

place glass of water or tea, drugs, creams.. leave for one hour and use! )

To protect place from harmful energy known like “Electrosmog” pyramid should

be placed on the floor with marked sign facing North (can remain in box). To

protect from radiations coming from computers, TV, electrical appliances, can be

placed on them or near them. Also can be transferred from place to place.

Cigarettes placed on the body of the pyramid for one hour will be reduced in

nicotine content. 

Pyramid can be hold in hand and placed on a sore spot on the body to relieve the


It is important that every month place pyramid on direct sunshine for 3 hours or

under running water for 15 min(remove top and cover with glass) to be cleansed

.Pyramid has unlimited shelf life till physical destroy.

Biopyramid has been certified by International Institute of harmful radiation

“IGEF” Germany and won most prestigious international awards (London,

Pittsburg, Brussels, Geneva, Moscow )holding International patent WIPO PCT

WO no. 2004/ 017772A2

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