BIOTERAPEUT is composed of 3 pieces Biogen Chip®'s embedded in the leather

holster, which has two sides. On the outside is a sign Biogen Chip® and plane

white side is to be placed on the body. BIOTERAPEUT has anti-inflammatory and

analgesic effect, using polarized magnetic field and radiates positive energy

(bioenergy) to cells and effected tissue. They have been depolarized due to cold,

shock, crushing, injury, surgery or generally stressful event.

BIOTERAPEUT accelerates the healing of diseased organs, muscles, joints,

damaged vertebrae or his disc (intervertebral disc) and nerve.  BIOTERAPEUT is

mild and harmless agent, which helps to eliminate all kinds of pain for a period of

3-14 days. 

It helps in the treatment of any inflammation along the body, pain relief,

improving circulation and stabilizing blood pressure and improving internal organs

functioning. Experience has shown that all actions enhancing (synergy) by the

concomitant benefits BIOTERAPEUT acupuncture earring.  BIOTERAPEUT is a

useful tool in your home, which helps in the treatment of many diseases.

 It is completely safe and can be used by children (for example, in respiratory

diseases or for minor injuries, bruises, etc.).                                                                 

Method of application: 

• Head and headaches BIOTERAPEUT should be used for at least 2 hours a day.

• For all other type of pain should be used till full recovery

IMPORTANT: BIOTERAPEUT is always placed on the painful or diseased place so

that the white side is in contact with the skin

 Bio G Chip® technology (nano technology of metal crystals) won the most

prestigious international awards for innovation (London, Pittsburgh, Geneva,

Moscow and others.) Croatian Pat. Q 20020698, EU Pat. EP 03792533.6 and

international patent WIPO PCT WO no. 2007/017772 A2.

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