This is the individual protective device , double-sided medallion ,specially designed  to transmit energy

which is beneficial for the human body. 

It has ability to completely balance body energy which is essential for keeping health in good condition.

 It establishes a steady flow of bioenergy through the human organism by balancing the left and right

sides of the body. Helps to balance immune system, stimulates endocrine system and the secretion of

hormonal glands, stabilize hearth rate and blood pressure, improve all biological functions of the

human body .Establishes psychological stability and maintain a good mood and support the body to

recover more quickly from any diseases or surgery. 

It increases physical durability approximately 40% and reduce both acute and chronicle exhaustion.

Medallion also gives protection from any harmful energy radiation.

There is no any harmful effect to the human health.

Biogen Chip® technology (nano-technology metal crystals) has won the most prestigious international

awards for innovation (London, Pittsburgh, Brussels, Geneva and Moscow). Croatian patent

no. P20020698, the EU patent no. EP 03792533.6 and international patent No. WO WIPO PCT. 2004 /


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