Based on Nogier's Auriculotherapy it is made the acupuncture unique earing with Biogen

Chip®-stroke. That is enough to attach these earrings with clip (buckle) on the tip of the earlobe

and they work energetically stimulate 30 acupuncture points in the ear and the 24 points that

surrounds the ear. They constantly work energetically stimulate these points and full of energy

meridians and maintain a steady flow of bio-energy in the whole body. On this way, completely

painless and without any health risk (infection, hematoma, etc.) is performed acupuncture


Since it is a steady flow of energy, all meridians and organs are balanced, and chronic diseases

and conditions are withdrawn. Wearing the acupuncture earring helps to minimized

appearance of new and relapse of old disease.

Relief any kind of pain, act anti-inflammatory, boost energy, increase concentration, reduce

addiction. Very helpful in cases of rheumatism, back and neck pain, joint problems, high blood

pressure, headaches, nervous disorders, anxiety.

Application: ACUPUNCTURE EARRING is the best to place on the ear immediately after getting

up and worn on one ear at least 3 hours and up to going to bed. Earring has to be moved from

ear to ear, 5-6 changes per day. If desired or required the boosting effect, then can be wear at

once earrings on both ears. In case of chronic diseases and spine problems it is recommended

to combine acupuncture earrings and BIOTERAPEUT .

Acupuncture earrings should not be exposed to a heat source. Best stored at room


 Technical specifications : Dimensions: diameter 22 mm Weight: 2.0 g.

Contain Cu, Zn, Sn i Ni. Magnetic film thickness of 0,5 mm. Magnetic force is 29 g / cm2

 Bio G Chip® technology (nano technology of metal crystals) won the most prestigious

international awards for innovation (London, Pittsburgh, Geneva, Moscow and others.) Croatian

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