The lack of energy causes chronicle diseases, depression, irritability, lack of concentration. Every day stressful situation cause blockage of energy flow through the body, and by the time this dis-balance can be the reason of different health problems!

Bio Plate can revitalize your energy and health in 30min!

Bio Plate is a new generation Energy Suppliers Technology Devices, that helps body achieve Energy system balance, very important for maintaining great health condition. It achieves that, by emitting energy from its surface towards the body, where it is placed close to. The plate dimensions are 21 cm to 21 cm and it covers one surface on our body. No need to use any energy source! It has very beneficial effect when used on daily basis in variety of situations like at home, during work, in car while driving, during studying etc.

Bio Plate works on very simple principle. On a plastic base, metal crystal are placed in the shape of labyrinth. Labyrinth shape is very well known ancient shape that has a role of receiver and transmitter. Below the plastic base there is magnetic coating that is only a help to push metal crystal emit energy. So instead of usage of any kind of artificial source of energy, magnetic coating is used, that actually only helps the process of energy emissions. Energy is emitted from the surface towards the body, close to which is placed.

Note: This is not magnetic therapy!

Bio Plate is standardized crystal therapy based on metal crystals (copper, zinc, magnesium, silver, etc..) and works ant-inflammatory using polarized magnetic field, emitting positive energy on tissue cells, which are depolarized because of cold, hit, injury, surgery intervention, stress situation etc.. This light therapy device relives all kind of pain, and gives deep relaxation. It helps to cure the affected organ, muscle, ankle, or nerve. Can be used along with medicines and medical treatments and it is completely safe for adults and children. The recovery will be accomplished in three to fourteen days. Can be used to treat different health issues and also preventively.

It is easy to use Bio Plates, just simply lying down on them or to place them on painful spot.
It is the most useful recovery device in your home!
Does not lose its characteristics until physical destroy, do not need any service, cannot be broken
They work in every space where they are placed, safe for use.
They work through clothes, no contraindications,
In some pains result is almost instantaneous.
No expiry date.

Certificated by Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing, Therapeutic Goods Administration, ARTG Certificate: 181607 Class 1 and BION Institute Slovenia
It is registered patent WORLD WIPO WO2004 – 017772.A2

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